Rhett Woods

Few people approach design and user experience the way Rhett does. He sees not simply the functionality, but the beauty of the integration with the venture, combining form and function in a way that captures the attention of customers and makes sense from the business perspective. His ability to articulate both is a winning combination in order to conceive, build, and operate new ventures.

Rhett was a key player in taking Rally Health (formerly Audax) from startup to its sale to UnitedHealth Group, making health solutions available to more than 35 million people through health plans, care providers, and employers. Across all consumer and enterprise solutions, he continues to lead user experience, design direction, and product for Rally. Before Rally, Rhett led the product and experience design teams for Second Life, the makers of the popular 3D virtual world, where users create and monetize virtual goods using virtual currency that is transferable to US dollars.

Earlier in his career, Rhett built and led design, development, product, and sales teams at leading companies that included Adobe, Macromedia, Linden Lab, and Allaire. Some of the biggest and most successful software launches benefited from Rhett’s creative strategy and execution – ColdFusion, Macromedia MX/Studio, Adobe Acrobat, and Adobe Creative Suite.