Antara Health

Antara Health scales patient-centered health care for everyone by adding AI-assisted health navigation to make the hard parts of healthcare easy for patients and providers.

Patients, especially those with chronic ailments, enjoy comprehensive health and financial protection, concierge care coordination, and peace of mind knowing they and their loved ones have a champion in their healthcare journey.

Antara Health

Founded by Claire Coder in 2016, Aunt Flow ensures everyone has access to period products. Aunt Flow is the most efficient solution to provide period products for free to employees, students and guests. Aunt Flow offers a variety of 100% organic, high-quality period products as well as a free-vend menstrual product dispenser system that is now stocked in thousands  of bathrooms in locations like nationwide K-12 schools, Princeton University, Google, Viacom and more.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we are a remote-based team across the US. Over 900 businesses have joined the menstrual movement with Aunt Flow! Our patented period product dispensers are internationally acclaimed, receiving the ISSA Show 2021 Choice Award and The Sustainable Company of the Year 2021. Aunt Flow has been recognized as the Best Woman-Owned Brand by NBC.

Cabinet Health

At Cabinet we're building the world's most sustainable healthcare company, starting with over-the-counter medicine.

We provide consumers and enterprises with plastic-free packaging for their everyday medicines, the highest quality products that science can offer, and personalized care supporting patients in sickness and in health.

We believe our physical health is inextricably linked to the environment around us, and work with other healthcare brands, distribution partners, and companies to support them in efforts to reduce environmental impact.

Cabinet Health

Dieta solves IBS using data and AI. Try our data-driven approach and take the first step towards digestive wellbeing.

IBS is painful, confusing, and oftentimes dismissed by the medical community. With no cure for IBS but hundreds of treatment options, you aren’t sure which diet, medication, supplement, probiotic, or lifestyle change to experiment with.Dieta’s goal is to make that experience easy and clear for you so you can resolve your symptoms as quickly as possible.

Element3 Health

Element3 Health is a unique Medicare Advantage benefit that helps attract and retain new members, while addressing social isolation & loneliness and reduced activity for Medicare Advantage members.

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Element3 Health

HDS is a pharmacy analytics platform that leverages leading-edge technologies and pharmacy reimbursement expertise to drive out over-spend and deficiencies in contract compliance, design, and terms in the pharmacy distribution channel.

The HDS SaaS technology platform reviews 100% of every claim file to deliver real-time payment integrity, cost savings, accuracy, and compliance. The result is better outcomes for payers, PBMs, and the members they serve.

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Element3 Health

At Keep Company we partner with organizations to give their moms, dads and caregivers the tools to integrate the care of themselves, their families, and their work through group coaching.

Our certified coaches lead groups of similarly-situated parents and caregivers through a 12-week program, and a year of dedicated support. These groups act as personal Boards, providing connection, inspiration, and accountability. Rooted in the science of behavior change, our curriculum gives members the tools to find fulfillment across all the dimensions of their life. 

Let's grow forward together.

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MemoryWell is a digital platform for life storytelling that uses narratives, and unique data we collect, to help improve healthcare outcomes.

Our automated process replaces legacy intake questionnaires with brief, professionally written stories to improve patients’ care experiences. At scale, we will begin to apply advanced AI analytics and machine learning to our structured databases to act as an early warning system for providers to identify problematic social and behavioral trends in data before they happen.

More specifically, because of the questions we ask during the interview process, MemoryWell is able to identify trends in SDoH related to housing insecurity, food insecurity, transportation insecurity, isolation and depression, and more.


MentorcliQ is a mentoring software solution that helps organizations launch, support, and grow high-impact employee mentoring programs. Our approach drives employee participation and satisfaction through an engaging user experience and supporting training resources. MentorcliQ system makes it easy to manage multiple mentoring and talent development programs from a single place.

MentorcliQ’s enthusiastic customers span Fortune 500 companies to Non-Profits. Companies like Deloitte, Honda, and JP Morgan Chase rely on MentorcliQ to power their talent development strategy through mentoring.  MentorcliQ supports mentoring programs in more than 100 countries across 6 continents and is proudly improving the workplace for 2 Million employees and counting.

The Association of Talent Development (ATD) and Brandon Hall have awarded MentorcliQ with Excellence in Practice and Best Technology in mentoring. MentorcliQ has been featured in TechCrunch, INC and Chief Learning Officer Magazine.


Medxoom helps companies and their employees save 10% or more on healthcare through powerful pricing, payment & mobile CRM solutions.

Medxoom brings comparative shopping, unified bill payments and CRM to healthcare.

Medxoom reimagines healthcare engagement enabling employers and their Benefits Administrators to analyze and continually monitor their group’s healthcare utilization.

Medxoom helps clients optimize their healthcare offerings.


Pana is a banking app with a debit card that allows you to make and receive payments, purchase products, send money, and connect via chat with your friends wherever they live.

Pana enabled cross-border payments and banking for the global Latino community. Pana helps customers open a US bank account online without an SSN and lend each other money in social groups.


Project Admission is a ticket distribution platform that offers a wide range of integrated functionality with primary ticketing systems.

Whether equipping fans and influencers with personalized digital storefronts, generating self-serve promotional links, or making it easier to distribute group sales tickets, Project Admission aims to provide teams with a one-stop solution for inventory management.


From our founding in 2017, ScriptDrop has grown from a tiny start-up to a health information technology company on the move. But no matter how we’ve changed, our goal is the same: help one billion patients, one prescription at a time. We do that by making prescription delivery easy and accessible.

- Over one million prescriptions delivered- Three prescription delivery solutions for pharmacies, health systems, and telehealth providers
- One delivery solution for patients that can be used with any pharmacy within 5 miles of the patient’s home, nationwide
- An ever-increasing network of pharmacy and health system partners

SpellBound AR

Starling is building a first-of-its-kind at home urine diagnostics remote patient monitoring platform that seamlessly integrates into anyone's bathroom routine.

By monitoring changes in urine over time, we aim to bring the hospitalization reduction benefits of remote monitoring to a new range of chronic conditions such as recurrent UTIs, BPH, and chronic kidney disease.


Thirstie, a New York based e-commerce company, is the leading white label e-commerce solution for beverage alcohol brands, founded by Devaraj Southworth and Maxim Razmakhin.

Thirstie helps brands to power consumer online transactions within an industry three-tier system compliant platform through a robust API and expansive retail network.

The Thirstie platform also provides brands with transparency into all data, consumer insights analytics, and ROI to improve performance marketing.


Founded in March 2015 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, TNEDICCA®’s mission is to improve traffic safety through the use of data & analytics.

TNEDICCA® (pronounce /ti -ˈneɪ- dɪk- kə/) acquires and curates comprehensive traffic crash data and provides location-based crash intelligence through its cloud based analytical platform.

The company’s initial focus is in the auto insurance industry in which its unique and proprietary location-based crash risk scores are proven to help auto insurance companies improve profitability by 3 to 20% through better pricing and risk selection.

In addition to improving pricing accuracy, TNEDICCA® also offers risk mitigation services via safety-based route navigation mobile app RouteWise™ and related APIs to telematics service providers, usage-based-insurance carriers and drivers.


Visana Health is redesigning women’s healthcare with our comprehensive, virtual women’s health clinic. We provide integrated, multidisciplinary best-care practices for chronic women’s health conditions that impact over 1 in 3 women.

Our collaborative care platform enables providers to work together to create personalized, evidence-based care plans and deliver high-quality medical care—from wherever is most convenient.